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About Us

About Us

Meet President, Tommy O'Regan

In recent years, the logistics industry has been plagued with problems such as excessive price competition in freight rates. In the midst of this, our company has played a role in the industry as a company that has been in business for over 35 years.

However, as a president, I feel that there are still many issues to be addressed in order to respond to the recent changes in the industry, such as improving the company organization, securing human resources, improving the work environment, pursuing employee happiness, and promoting teamwork.

By placing customers and employees at the center of our management, I would like to manage the company so that Now Logistics will be even stronger in the future and will always be a necessary existence for customers and employees.

Tommy O’Regan / President

This is a picture of me when I started my business as N.O.W Trucking.


We transport a wide variety of goods

Now Logistics offers a wide range of vehicles in the form of 26′ bobtails and 53′ tractor trailers. We transport a wide variety of goods, including clothing, shoes, home appliances, etc., and are involved in comprehensive logistics.


Comprehensive logistics services

Now Logistics provides comprehensive logistics services, including the transportation of clothing products. We have the know-how to safely transport a wide range of products, but we often consolidate light cargo such as clothing products in order to carry out “joint delivery,” which is one of the characteristics of Now Logistics, and this inevitably led to the formation of our current corporate structure.


Reduce customer's logistics costs

One of the main features of this service is that it can help customers reduce their logistics costs. More and more companies are handling a wide variety of products in small quantities. This is a characteristic of today’s diversified needs of end users. We believe that it is inevitable to respond to this trend in logistics as well.

We are proud of the fact that we can provide this service because Now Logistics has its own delivery network. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about logistics costs.

Our team of transportation professionals will plan the best routes to get your load to its destination quickly and safely. We coordinate with docks, warehouses, train companies, and the market place so you don’t have to. We strive to keep your costs as low as possible. We manage the entire process with precision. At Now Logistics, we promise a hassle-free experience.


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